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The Pooh Perplex : A Freshman Casebook

Pooh Perplex A Freshman Casebook

University of Chicago Press

Author: Frederick C. Crews

Do you want to get yourself a book? You should read Pooh Perplex - a freshman casebook by Frederick C. Crews. The author is Frederick C. Crews and it is published by University of Chicago Press. This children's book was available sometime in February of 2003. In the library the reference number is PR6025.I65 W65 2003. This version is the University of Chicago Press ed. of the child's book is 164 pages long and it contains different drawings. We would like for you to get the best price and service when you buy a child's book. Please check out the buyers market button on this page.

In this devastatingly funny classic, Frederick Crews skewers the ego-inflated pretensions with the schools and practitioners of literary criticism popular inside the 1960s, including Freudians, Aristotelians, and New Critics. This edition consists of a new preface by the author that compares literary theory then and now and identifies a number of the real-life critics who had been spoofed in specified chapters. Modeled on the"casebooks"regularly used in freshman English classes at the time, The Pooh Perplex contains twelve essays written in different critical voices, complete with ridiculous footnotes, tongue-in-cheek"issues and study projects,"and hilarious biographical notes on the contributors.


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